The Importance of First Impressions in Real Estate

by : David Ellis

Perhaps the most important aspect of a home showing is the buyer's first impression. Have you ever looked at a home for sale and thought; "wow, I'd really like to see more of that place!" or "yikes! I don't even need to look to know I don't like that place!" This is the power of the first impression. Buyers have a tendency to make up their minds within the first few seconds of seeing a home as to whether or not it warrants further investigation. As a home seller you cannot afford to be on the losing side of this situation. You need people's reaction to be the former, not the latter.

The curb appeal of a home plays a big role in the first impression that a buyer has. While how the home looks from the outside is important, it does not equal the importance of the first view that buyers get when walking in the front door. By the time buyers walk through your door their impression of the home is already partially formed. The entranceway of the home has the ability to justify that impression or shatter it.

Upon entering buyers should be confronted by a warm, cozy, bright and pleasant smelling home. There is nothing worse then walking into a home and being greeted by an overpowering pet smell or remnants of last night's dinner. Try to avoid cooking anything with a strong aroma before shows. Also do not extensively use air fresheners, some people will take this as evidence that you are trying to cover up a smell that cannot be gotten rid of. Fresh flowers are a nice touch and add a decorative air to the entranceway, but be careful not to overdo it. People want to see your home, not your vase collection.

People viewing your home will have several first impressions as they move from room to room. It is vitally important that each of these impressions are positive and add to the overall impression of your home. As buyers move through your home they will be taking great notice of any flaws or negatives in the home. This is only natural as these are things that they can utilize to bargain the price down during the offer process. After all, you would do the same when buying a home right? Of course, we all want the best deal possible when making such a huge purchase. Be careful to go over your home with a fine tooth comb before you list it for sale. Make sure that the first impression that people have of your home is an impressive one.