Everything you Need to Know About Excavators

by : Phil Nichol

Excavators are construction equipment with the ability to move about on several types of terrain and move in 360 degrees. Excavators use a hydraulic system to lift things, scoop up dirt, and also dig. Most ofthe time excavators are found on mining sites, demolition, or digging trenches. The size of this equipment varies from mini excavators to the size of a mining excavator. Choosing which excavator will work for your construction company is important. Below are a few tips in choosing an excavator.

Terrain: It is important to know the type of terrain you will beworking with. For instance if you live in a rocky area it is difficult to
get a larger excavator to some construction sites where as if you willwork in a clearing you are probably going to be able to use the larger excavators if needed. The type of dirt you will work in is important.It is very easy to get an excavator stuck in mud when it ways a couple of tons.

Transportation: Excavators require trailers to transport them from jobsite to job site. The larger the machine the larger the trailer. In
fact you may need to have a wide load trailer to transport theequipment. Keep in mind that unless the job sites are close most excavators do not go over 20 miles an hour and it will take hours to transport themwithout a trailer. This can be a real concern for fuel and transportation costs.

Size: Mini excavators work really well for those sites you can't get alarge machine into and those that do not require a large hole or much lifting. Mini excavators are often best used for landscaping orfoundations. The larger excavators that can be used as cranes, diggers, or in demolition are more appropriate for trenches and mining.