Your Homes Strong Points

by : John West

In selling a home there are certain aspects of a home that a seller should identify as strong points and these are the areas that should be featured during the sale. That being said it can be difficult to showcase a single area during a home show as the entire home is on display, but there are ways that one can draw attention to certain areas. Each home will have it's own distinct strong points and weak points, that is to be expected as very few homes are perfect. So identifying your homes strong assets will allow to create an environment that brings these to the forefront for buyers to take notice of.

Proper lighting is a great way to attract attention to specific areas. Let's say for instance you have redone the kitchen recently and would like to draw attention to that area. The human eye will naturally notice areas that are better lit than others so try keeping surrounding areas a touch dimmer than the kitchen. Light the kitchen up! But be careful not to go too far with this, we don't need floodlights here. The kitchen should exude a natural warmth, it should feel like a comfortable meeting place where people would typically gather. If you are so inclined, bake up a batch of chocolate chip cookies in the morning and leave them out for your viewers. Not only will the smell be a great asset but who doesn't like cookies?

You can utilize the "pools of light" theory to draw attention to any area that you wish with the use of small occasional and decorative lamps. In addition the strategic positioning of occasional rugs and art can help to usher viewers into areas that you wish them to notice. Try to think of the home in terms of presentation value as it is on this basis that interest in buyers will be cultivated. Step one of showing is to interest buyers enough to come back for a second look. It is rare that someone sees a home and makes an offer the same day but it has been known to happen. Give your home the best chance possible to sell quickly. Take the time to ensure that's it's best assets are showcased.