Practice your A,b,cs

by : Don Conrad

When it comes time to meet the tenant prospect at the dwelling, many things begin to happen. For starters you will begin to size up your tenants prospects to see if they really fit your qualifications as per your phone interview. You will also try to establish that your rental is really what the tenant prospect wants and needs. In addition to addressing any questions, concerns, or issues your tenant prospects might have, you may also want to work on the ABCs of sales, especially if the possibility of renting looks good for all parties involved.

The ABCs of sales stand for Always Be Closing. This refers to the technique salesman use to get someone to purchase their product. In this particular scenario, you are the salesman, the rental is your product, and the tenant prospect is your clientele.

In other words, as you show the rental unit, you need to add in a few questions or comments that force people to visualize themselves living at this rental. Ask questions such as, 'Where would you place your couch or TV or bed in this room?' or 'You said you liked to cook. Did you notice the kitchen has a Lazy Susan right next to the dishwasher?'

Also, general comments such as the following will go a long way in helping them picture the house as their home: 'If you are the out doors type, those old oaks in back offer outstanding shade to the property.' or 'On the phone you mentioned high utility bills. Just so you are aware, all the windows in the house are only three years old.'

Whatever ABCs you use, they need to sound natural and spontaneous, because even though you are trying to sell your rental, you don't want to appear pushy or desperate. The best way to get positive results with the ABCs, is to use a combination of questions and comments sporadically spread through out the showing and used appropriately.

For instance, direct a couple questions and comments to the husband. Then on occasions throw an ABC comment or question to the wife. Once in a while use this technique on both of them. Also listen closely to the questions and comments coming from the prospects and use the ABCs where they best fit.

The use of the ABCs in your showings may require some practice. If you feel you are not good at this concept, try practicing and polishing this technique with your family and friends. You will find out that before very long, you will have made vast improvements, and you will be employing this technique at your showings. (learn more about showing rental on my articles page at ).