Island Paradise

by : Anthony Defrietas

There is something special about tropical islands. They have long been associated with a lifestyle of leisure and luxury. When thinking about this kind of life one conjures up images of endless white-sand beaches and lazy afternoons in a hammock. When thinking about this life, the picture in your mind is likely Barbados. This island paradise located in the Lesser Antilles chain of islands is a luxurious destination resort locale that offers unrivaled luxury and a relaxed style of life that is envied worldwide.

At only 430 square miles the island of Barbados boasts one of the highest standards of living in the entire world and along with that impressive fact comes one of the highest literacy levels anywhere. The island is a part of the British Commonwealth but runs as an independent state. The economy of this area is fairly diversified but the mainstay of the island's wealth is the thriving tourist industry. Barbados is one of those areas that is heavily populated by beautiful destination resorts that capture the luxury of island living in combination with the culture that the Caribbean is famous for. In recent years there has developed a healthy vacation rentals industry that has been fostered by the development of numerous amazing housing/condo communities.

With such development happening there are some fantastic opportunities for investors and buyers who know where to look. Barbados is truly an escape from the rigors of everyday life. Whether you are considering a purchase or simply a vacation then Barbados is a location that you should spend some time considering. The island's close proximity to South America is also ideal for travelers who want to explore all that South America has to offer in addition to the other beautiful islands that share the same waters with Barbados. In fact you could easily find yourself staying here for longer than anticipated once you discover everything that this area has to offer. Many investors have purchased homes here only to realize that the area is so desirable that it's worth moving to and end up living full or part time in their Barbados homes. This is an area that is truly hard to leave. Come to invest and you may just end up staying too.