Keeping your Home Safe

by : Christian Jacobsen

For any home owner the need to keep their home safe is a paramount concern. Many people seem to feel that going out and buying a gun is the simple answer. The statistics have shown that this is simply not true. The numbers prove that having guns in the home makes it far more possible that an injury will occur to a loved one. Without the need for firearms there are some great ways that a home owner can ensure the safety of their families and possessions. These are some pretty basic methods but they have shown over time that they work and help to deter crime in the home safely.

The first thing that any home owner should do is have a security system installed in their home, preferably one with an audible alarm. Alarms are a great deterrent as crooks will naturally avoid any home where they may have to deal with a security system. It's simply more work and more of a chance that things will go wrong so they search for homes without alarm systems. Make sure that after installation you get window stickers and a lawn sign that advertises the fact that your home is now monitored. While you are posting your signs and stickers take a minute to have a close look at your home and try to think like someone who is breaking in. Where are the areas that you would try and why? Maybe it is sufficiently dark or has easily accessible low windows. These are prime areas for break ins. The harder it is for thieves to access your home the more they will look for other places to burgle.

Another good practice is to cultivate close relationships with your neighbors and have them keep an eye on strange things they they see going on and doing the same for them,. A close knit neighborhood is a great crime prevention tool as people are more than happy to keep an eye on things as it benefits them as well. Motion sensors are another good tool that can be utilized to light up particularly dark areas of your yard. Then of course there is the old standby of buying a dog and training it accordingly. There are numerous options you can use to keep your home safe and sound without the use of firearms so why not check them out?