Jacksonville / Ponte Vedra Appeal

by : Carey Frankel

Sellers residing in areas like Florida are blessed with a great opportunity to sell their homes in one of the most desirable climates in the country. It is easy to see why people have been flocking to Florida for years as the year-round sunshine and fair weather make the perfect vacation getaway or winter residence. So many people have purchased homes for vacations only to end up living in Florida full time. Once you are here, it's hard to leave. When thinking about Florida, most will immediately think of areas like Orlando and the attractions that call the area home, however there is a lot more to this state than amusement parks. Florida is a land of beauty to say the least with some of the world's best known golf courses, stunning beaches and crystal blue waters.

One of the most beautiful areas of Florida is the area surrounding Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra. Located along the northern coast, Jacksonville lies in Duvall County. This is an area that is noted for it's amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, sprawling lush golf courses and some of the most valuable and spectacular real estate in Florida. Florida has also become known for specialty communities and there are several of these stately housing developments in the Jacksonville area. Woven through this area like verdant oasis are the golf course, or Country Club communities. These developments offer a stunning and relaxing style of life with amazing views of the championship courses that populate the area. If golf isn't quite your cup of tea then both Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra offer a beautiful selection of waterfront homes on the Atlantic Ocean or the Intra coastal Waterway.

Florida has become known for gracious and stylish living for a reason. It is a simple fact that Florida is possessed of one of the most desirable climates in the country and some of the best recreation and leisure facilities anywhere. Florida has a lifestyle all it's own that cannot be equaled anywhere else. If you are thinking about real estate in Florida don't skip over the Jacksonville/Ponte Vedra area. You might be missing out on the home that you have always wanted.