Cheap Property for Sale Tips

by : Sacha Tarkovsky

If you want to make money buying cheap property for sale, then you need to pick a destination that offers cheap housing with the potential to increase in value and this means, a strong economy and political stability.

Here we will look at some key points to consider and a cheap overseas location that can offer up to 300% potential growth in the next 10 years.

1. Look overseas

If you want to buy in established industrialized countries such as North America and Western Europe, prices are expensive and the property market uncertain. However look at the dynamic and emerging economies of the world and you will get better value and potentially far bigger growth potential.

2. Picking an overseas location

There are many overseas locations that offer cheap property for sale and a new one seems to emerge every week, but you need to keep 3 factors in mind:

- The present cost of housing and future demand
- Political stability
- Economic factors and wealth within the economy

4. You can reduce the risk further by

Picking an overseas property location where there is already a trend of rising prices in motion and the potential for more gains to come. In overseas property don't pick a location that could emerge - buy the trend and this means rising prices are already happening.

A popular destination

A popular destination with many US, UK and overseas investors is Slovenia, yet many investors have never heard of it!

Slovenia is a country half the size of Switzerland and is one of the newest members of the European Economic Union and is bordered by Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary.

Recent forecasts have property growth in the next decade as much as 300% and gains of 30 - 40% per annum are being achieved, with prices starting at as little as $40,000.

Slovenia has the highest economic growth rate of any of the new member states of the EU and its location and good infrastructure will see the economy continue to grow.

This is a country with something for everyone:

Alpine forests, beautiful lakes, snow capped mountains, cosmopolitan towns and cities and even a stretch of Mediterranean coastline, just a day trip from Venice.

Add up the facts

Slovenia offers cheap property for sale combined with the prospect of good potential future growth, within a politically stable environment.

You have the potential for solid capital gains, good rental income and the buying process is straightforward, with finance available.

Of course, with any property market location is the key.

There are established estate agencies that cater to foreign investors who will help you find the location that's best for you, in relation to your investment aims and your budget.

Discover cheap property for sale in Slovenia and you may be glad you did.