The One Stop House Selling Guide

by : chris rowlands

There can many varying reasons for selling your home, these can include, to name but a few; upsizing, downsizing, career demands and financial matters. Whatever the reason, time will always be of the essence. Whether you find yourself part of a chain or simply need to move to bigger accommodation quickly due to family expansion, speed (or lack of it) is always going to be an issue.

To start with let's look at the process involved in putting your home on the market:
To echo certain TV programs themes, it certainly is important how your home looks to potential buyers when viewing the property. The first thing a prospective buyer will see is the front of your property. Therefore it is important that the front of your house is well maintained, garden tidy (if you have one) and generally appealing to an outsider.
Once the viewer has entered your home, the stage is set and now comes the hard task of making them feel like they want to buy your home. You must remember that to a viewer, if a room is untidy or full of various pieces of furniture and mixed decor then this is what they'll see. You should try to keep all rooms in the house as uncluttered as possible and neutral but not too blandly decorated. This will allow the viewer to see the room as a blank canvas to put their 'stamp' on. This may mean having to temporarily place some of your items in storage but this will definitely be worth the time and effort. According to the BBC which hosts many programs on the topic; spending ?500 on cleaning and sprucing up your property can add as much as ?5000 to the value.

Once you have your home in a state of readiness for would be viewers you should seek an estate agent to advertise your property for you. A highly popular alternative to this at the moment is to look into the prospect of private house sales.

The basic principal is very simple; you, the client, pay the website to advertise your home for sale either on one main site or usually for a little extra across many affiliated sites.
This will save you thousands in estate agency fees and will return the same if not more viewings as if you had used the latter method of advertisement. The beauty of it is you can still use an estate agency if you wish and combine this with advertising privately. This way you could receive much more interest in your property, thus selling it more quickly.

If you intend to sell solely online, you will need to obtain a valuation of your property.
This can be simply achieved by comparing property prices for like properties in your street or paying a small amount of money to have a firm value it for you.

'Would I still have to pay commission to my estate agent if I were to find a buyer privately?' you ask. The answer should most probably be no. The majority of estate agents contracts make no provision for this. However it is worthwhile checking as some may have a 'sole selling rights' inclusion, allowing them to take a commission regardless of where the buyer has come from. Of course you should always inform your estate agency as to the fact you have advertised privately. This will avoid confusion over commission at a later date.

Once you have prepared your home for sale, advertised with an agency/online privately or indeed both, you can sit back, relax and await the viewers, any of whom could be the buyer your waiting for.

So why not consider selling a home online, it may save you much time, money and effort in the long run. Perform a search in one of the popular search engines such as Google for search terms such as; sell house privatelyand you should easily find one of the leading companies in this area.