The Ford Site in St. Paul, Continued

by : Matt Barker

Well, more information has arisen over the last while about the proposed redevelopment of Saint Paul waterfront where the old Ford assembly plant stood for many years. As I mentioned in my last article concerning this site, this is an unprecedented opportunity for the upgrading and development of a prime piece of Saint Paul real estate and there are many looking forward to this project with great interest. Recently a Colliers market study of this site was conducted and some interesting points were brought forth about the positive aspects that this site brings to the table. These strengths speak highly of the potential of the projects and the positive impact that it could well have on the city and it's visual aspect and economic future.

Collier's had some good points regarding the old Ford site, the least of which is the stunning views of the river from atop the bluff. Taking a look at what is in store, there will be some of the finest views in the entire city from this area. Also, as this is an established neighborhood with a long and storied history there is a real neighborhood identity that has arisen over the years. An identity that will likely stay intact with the revitalization of the ford site and carry the area forth into a new era of prosperity. The strong character of this area will play an integral part in the success of the new development as it will help to provide stability and direction during the actual construction phase. It is looking as if the homes in this development are going to be extremely hot properties once complete. as this site is located in the heart of the city it looks to be a vital and exciting area.

The Collier's study also showed real evidence of a strong market for single family homes, not only in the Highland Park area but the potential for a strong market on the proposed site as well. The plans are calling for homes at all price levels and the area is perfect for apartment, condo and even senior's living developments. All in all there is huge potential in the Ford site that the city of Saint Paul is taking the time to plan properly for. The plan has outlined specific districts for residential and commercial development and a strong mix of these will form the nexus of what could prove to be the most exciting and influential development in Saint Paul's history.