Summer is Sell Time!

by : Albert Bor

Across the country, real estate markets are gearing up for the hot selling season. Summer is definitely the time when the markets see the most action and this is a fact that is known by buyers and sellers alike. This is also the prime time for families on the move to get into their new homes before the kids have to return to school in the fall. This, of course means different things to buyers and sellers; so let's have a look at what the big season means to each.

Sellers - Unlike many other seasons of the year this is the ideal time to finish off any exterior projects that have been started on the home (unless you happen to reside in the south, then the whole year is outdoor time!) As we are into July, which is typically the last month for moving families to get in and get settled with new homes, it's not a great time to start any projects if you are planning to sell. These projects are best started in early spring so that they are finished for the summer market. Summer also provides great weather to do day-to-day maintenance on the home and improve the curb appeal. Winter can leave some definite signs of wear and tear on a home but it only takes a little effort to clean these up. This is also a great time to air the home out, keeping windows and doors open can rid the home of pet odor and any other unpleasant smells. This is a big thing to remember as people don't want to buy a smelly home. Basically this is the time to bring that home into perfect selling condition so that the summer buyers will be impressed when they arrive.

Buyers - By the time that the summer selling season rolls around buyers should be ready to go, in all aspects of the word. It's a good idea to have all of your financials sorted out and the approvals signed so that when homes hit the market you are ready to buy. It's also a good idea to know where you are going to be looking. doing the neighborhood research in the winter months can allow more time for the actual home shopping once you have decided on an area. Sellers will appreciate buyers who come looking at their homes with their financing in hand and are legitimately looking for a home in their area.

Summer is the season where home sales take front stage and homes go fast so whether you are a buyer or a seller this is a time that you should be ready for. Being ready to go is always an asset in the real estate market as is having your research done and mind made up. If you have these things done it will greatly ease the buying or selling game and take some stress off of you and your family in the process.