State of Affairs: San Clemente

by : Drew Hartanov

Buyers and investors alike are constantly searching for areas where real estate is continuing to appreciate. One of these areas is San Clemente in California. Over the past few years San Clemente has show remarkable growth and maturation in terms of home values. Although the real estate market on a broader scale has not entirely recovered from a period of concern, the numbers for the San Clemente area speak largely of the areas ability to withstand a cooler market and they also show that home values have continued to appreciate making it one of the more highly sought-after home areas in the state.

While homes listed on the market look pretty much the same as this point last year with just 6 more listing in 2006, the value of those homes has risen by an average of $134,000. Not bad appreciation for a one year period! Now, keep in mind that selling a home has become more of an effort on the part of the home owners and buyers are expecting more for their dollar. Also it seems to be taking longer for these sales to complete as the average days listed has increased from 75 to 92 as of May 2007. That being said it is apparent that 20 days or so could be said to be worth oh, say $134,000?

As this is a great time to buy a San Clemente home, sellers should be sure to properly prepare their properties for sale. Staging the home has almost become essential as buyers have come to expect a real presentation when they view homes. Staging is not too difficult to do yourself if you have the time available, if not then there are a huge number of home staging businesses that have sprouted in response to this increased need. These businesses specialize in the preparation of homes for sale and it is truly amazing what can be done with the average home. Beneath that family home could lie an undiscovered jewel. Then again, after you stage the home you may not want to sell it anymore!