Stage for a Summer Show

by : Doug Jones

Well, summer is finally here and with it has come the home buyers. This happens every year as there is a scramble by families to get their move done and finished in time for the children's return to school. This is not an easy prospect as anyone with kids knows. Trying coordinate a move and a few kids at the same time can wear a couple out fairly easily so the last thing they are interested in is moving into or looking at a home that is messy and will need a bunch of work done to it when they move in. Families are looking for a home that will be little trouble for them when they get there. essentially they are looking for a home that is primed and ready to move into and get on with their lives.

Staging your home is a good way to illustrate to buyers the versatility and simplistic beauty of a home while making your life easier in the moving process. This is largely due to the fact that the first step of moving is getting rid of the stuff that is just getting in the way. Minimalism is the guidelines during the staging process. You want the buyers to be able to visualize their furniture in the home so you should get rid of as much of yours as you can while still keeping some show pieces in the room. It's alright to get rid of your personal decorations in favor of some more neutral and low-key items. Essentially what you want to do here is turn your home into a show home with as few signs of occupation as possible.

Interior and exterior should both be given the same treatment before the home goes up on the market. Yards should be clean and free of debris, the home should be painted if necessary and all plants and hedges should be appropriately trimmed. The entranceway from the home should be a welcoming sight that invites viewers from the street into the home to experience all that your property has to offer. Selling a home is basically a competition so make sure that you look at and study your competition. Get familiar with what they are offering and make sure that your offering is more attractive to buyers.