Marketing Tips For Your Real Estate Investment

by : Joel Teo

Now that you have made the jump and did some investing in real estate, it is time that you learned some marketing tips to help you make the most of your investment. Marketing is important in real estate investing, and if it is not done correctly, or at all, it could end up costing you lots of money. There are quite a few different ways to market your real estate investment, and these may include direct mail campaigns, fliers, newspaper ads, your home website and website ads, and e-mail blasts to name some of the marketing techniques.

A direct mail campaign is one of the most effective ways to market your investment. This marketing method costs little and is simple to accomplish. The costs are only the cost of the mailing lists, the cost of the copies and envelopes, and the cost of mailing. The key is to follow through with the process. It requires at least three to five exposures to your mail for familiarity to set in and people to become comfortable with you. If you only send out one mass mailing you will probably not get any responses. It is recommended for this type of marketing campaign that you send out approximately six or seven mailings, with an interval of seven to fourteen days in between, to get the best effectiveness. It is also recommended that you use both postcards and letters during the mailing campaign.

Newspaper ads are another great marketing technique for the real estate investor. This marketing method does cost more than direct mail, but it may also be more effective if you do it correctly. The more circulation the newspaper has the more expensive the ad will be, but it also means that more people will see the ad. Keep your words to a minimum for these ads, because you usually pay by the word or the line. Try not to use too many abbreviations, as some people may have difficulty understanding what you are saying. Make the ad quickly and easily understandable using a minimum of words. Weekends may be the best time for this marketing campaign, because more people read newspapers on the weekends than any other day and some people only subscribe to the weekend editions of the paper.

A great marketing method for your real estate investment is to use your website. Make sure that your website is well maintained and that it has a professional look. Make sure that your information is clear, easy to read, and easy to understand. Make sure that you include your contact information so that anyone who has any questions can speak with you. E-mail blasts are another way to market your real estate investments. This is where you keep a mailing list of e-mail addresses of people who are interested in your services and want to be included. Whenever you have a property available, you send the addresses on the list information about that real estate investment.

Whether you use direct mailing, newspaper ads, your personal websites, or e-mails, marketing is a very important aspect of real estate investing that is commonly overlooked. To be successful and get the most out of your real estate investment you need to market your real estate investment properly. The cost will vary depending on the methods you choose, but marketing is one of the most important aspects of managing your investments. By not marketing your investment you can lose considerable income.

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