Secondary Home Renovations: Pre-sale

by : Lou Lynch

The art of selling a home has definitely evolved over the past years. Sellers are now willing to do much more to have their home noticed by the right buyer. Home staging has helped to evolve the attitude of both buyers and sellers and it has almost become necessary to stage a home in order to have it sell quickly. There is also the seller's idea of maximizing the value of their properties by renovating the home prior to selling. This is partially inspired by the famous home flipping shows on television. Sellers are seeing people renovate and increase their intake on the sale of homes, and who doesn't want more money? So people have learned to offer more and expect more from home sales. So after the major changes have been made to a home what are the secondary things that a seller should look into fixing up before listing the home?

With the major renovations out of the way, things like the kitchen and bathrooms; the seller now has the opportunity to put some extra work into the home and go that much further to creating the ideal home for buyers to enjoy. This is where taking care of the small things comes into play and believe me buyers will notice the small details. Is there a fireplace in the home? Is it somewhat lacking in style? Fireplaces are really centerpieces of any room and should be treated as such. Replacing a tired old brick fireplace and mantel with a new modern wood or stone piece will do wonders for a room. Another thing that many people overlook is the floor moldings and crown moldings (if any.) Removing the old floor moldings and replacing them with something that matches the theme that you have set out for the room is a great design bonus and it is something that will definitely get noticed. In fact this might be a great time to replace the flooring itself. This especially applies to old and damaged floors. New floors have a way of impressing buyers like few other things can. Essentially this is your chance as a seller to finish off all those last minute cosmetic things that really dictate the mood of a home show. With everything matching, new, and painted the show should be much more impressive and you should realize a better value from your home sale.