4 Major Selling Factors: What you Can Control

by : Joshua Keen

In a typical home sale, sellers are always wondering about what they do and don't have control over. This can be a major point of contention and a great cause of stress for seller and realtor alike. As a seller there are some things that you have direct control over and as such you as the seller have a huge impact on how the sale process goes. We are going to examine the aspects of a sale that the owner of the home can directly affect and how to utilize these aspects in order to have a quick and profitable sale. It's no use in worrying about the things you cannot influence, this is where trust in your realtor and their abilities.

Price - This is one aspect that you as a seller have a lot of control over. Your realtor will perform a CMA to let you know what comparable homes are selling for in your area but in the end the choice is yours as to what the home is listed at. What you should remember about this fact is that your home should be priced within range of the comps in the area or the home may be overlooked due to the high price. This is one of the biggest aspects of a home sale in ensuring that your home is competitive on the market.

Show Quality/Condition - This is the biggest responsibility that an owner has in the sale process. If the home is not in pristine condition then buyers will not be as interested or as taken with your home as they could be. Preparing for a show is a big deal but it just as big a deal keeping the home in that condition as the time progresses. Upkeep on the home will need to be a daily activity.

Exposure & Marketing - This aspect of the home sale process is going to be all about your choice of realtor. Find an agent that has a comprehensive marketing & advertising plan that is designed to showcase YOUR HOME. Don't hesitate to ask prospective agents about what their plans are for getting the word out about your home.

Access - The keyword here is flexibility. If your home is able to be shown on short notice or at odd times then you may open yourself up to more buyers. Again keeping your home in tip-top shape is imperative as the show that sells the home may come in without warning. Having to scramble to get the home in show shape is never fun and much of the time small things are overlooked that buyers will notice.

If you keep these things in mind when your home goes up for sale then you should have a lot less in the way of worries. Make sure that you are working with a professional realtor that will hold up their end of the bargain when it comes to the sale. Professionalism on both sides makes any sale go quicker and with less worry all around.