Preparing for Summer Shows

by : Reed Brinton

The summer season is traditionally the period in which there is the most action on home markets. Summer is an ideal time to move as there are usually no weather concerns and children can be moved and registered in new schools by September. This makes it vitally important when selling your home in the late spring and summer season, to make sure that your home has a positive presence on the local real estate market and that it is ready for showings.

Selling in summer also presents some concerns as more of the property will be under scrutiny. This is especially true is kids are part of the equation. in preparing for a summer showing it is easiest to divide the outside tasks from the inside and concentrate on each in turn.

- Outside - The exterior of a home is vital to any home show as first impressions are an extremely powerful thing. The outside will be the first things that people see and decisions can be made strictly on this presentation. Take some time to check out the other homes that are on sale in your area and what they appear like from the street. Once this is done you now have a standard that you should try to exceed in order to bring the buyers to your home. The best possible situation is that buyers take one look at the home's exterior and forget about the other homes that they have seen. In order to achieve this the yard will have to be spotless, with neatly trimmed lawns and beautiful colorful gardens. The yard should be free of debris and any garbage and any decks should be clean and scrubbed of mildew. Putting a fresh coat of paint on the home never hurts the appearance and the same holds true for any exposed wood accents. Wood porches and decks should be power washed to remove any grime and stained.

- Inside - If the outside of the home is impressive, the inside should be stunning. Cleanliness is the absolute key for home interiors. Any mess can and usually will be greeted with disdain by buyers. Remember that when buyers are looking at home they are usually doing mental subtractions from your asking price as they view the home. Any negatives will quickly be subtracted. Outdated appliances and fixtures are important things and they can really bring down a home's presentation value. Updating all older items (save for antique furnishings) can help any home to show better. If there is any questions about what to leave in the home and what to get rid of for the show you can always consult your realtor or a professional home stager.

Any home show, to be successful must combine the interior and exterior of the home into a comprehensive and collected package that shows it's value to the buyer without having the price questioned. Essentially you would like the buyer to walk in and view the home and ask "To whom shall I make out the cheque?" Good Luck!