Condos or Homes?

by : Melanie Speed

Anyone considering the purchase of real estate in the Las Vegas area has a big choice to make. That choice is whether to go with a condo or a single family detached home. This is a big choice in this area due to the prevalence of an astounding number of condo developments in and around the Las Vegas Strip and the downtown area. There are some other considerations that should be made in the choosing of one or the other style of housing. Perhaps the first one that should be considered is the location as this is an intrinsic property of a home. There is likely to be more diversity in location when looking at single family homes as a good percentage of condos are in major urban areas. This is a trend that has been taken to new heights with the high-rise condo boom. Condos offer great convenience however the lack of additional property such as a yard can be a drawback. If this is not something that concerns you then a condo would be a great choice. There is also the idea that many condos will not allow pets or will restrict the number or size of animals that are allowed.

There is definitely more labor required with a single family home but there is also value that comes with a yard and property. Another additional asset for the single family home is that they are naturally quieter than a condo. Condos are communal living and all there is between you and your neighbors (on both sides and above and below) is a wall. New condos are being made with excellent noise suppression but if your neighbor is having a party then you will likely know all about it. With a decent amount of area between yourself and the neighbors in a home there is much more room for noise to die down. There is also the ability to custom tailor a home to your exact specifications. Realistically the only limits are your imagination and of course, your wallet. With a condo you can do this to an extent but only within your walls.

These are things that any home buyer should consider before making a final choice. Buying a home is a huge decision and it will affect your financial status for years to come and will also affect almost every other aspect of your life. A home is a base of operations and a haven from the rigors of the outside world, one must choose carefully and be sure that decision is correct. Try to think about your lifestyle and how it will be affected by the home purchase and choose the home that best suits that lifestyle. Best of luck!