Cities Expanding Up not Out

by : Andy Asbury

There is a movement happening in most major cities and unlike previous years the movement is going up not out. For much of the 1900's cities underwent a rapid outward expansion that continued right up to the turn of the century. However, in recent years cities have seen more upward expansion as many cities have expanded as far as they can reasonably go. In more populated areas of the country city limits of one major city reach clear to the limits of the next major city. Years ago there was plenty of farmland and smaller towns to separate cities but expansion and population increase has taken care of that handily. It stands to reason that the only way left to expand is up. Hence we have the modern high-rise condo.

High-rises have evolved dramatically over the years and have really become one of the more attractive housing options on the real estate market. Offering a huge array of extras and additional assets that are literally impossible for a standard home to offer with a spectacular price tag, the condo has finally arrived en masse. "Well," you say; "condos have been around for years." This is true but the evolution I spoke of earlier has dramatically changed the face of the condo industry and these new developments bear little in common with the condos of 20 years ago. The name is the same but the idea and execution has changed. Condos have moved towards a more all-encompassing theme supplying residents with more and more with each innovative development.

This new age of condos is easy to find in any city as the exterior design has evolved right along with the upgrades in interior architecture and design. These modern wonders reach into the sky with steel and glass overlooking the cityscape. With such a huge number of condos going up in almost every city across the country there is an excellent selection of condos in just about any style imaginable. When looking for a new home you would be missing out if you didn't consider the condo developments in your city.