Negotiating your Own Sale

by : Kevin Bilberry

Is using a Realtor really the only profitable way to sell your home? This is a question that FSBO sellers have been trying to answer and the average realtor is trying hard to ignore. The secret is that you really can sell your own home for a good profit without professional help. One real truth is that selling is selling and if you can sell one thing you can likely sell another thing. Of course there are some particulars to home selling like titles and other legal matters but you will need to use the services of an attorney no matter whether you use a realtor or not. All matters legal will need to be handled by an accredited professional, outside of that you can do as you please.

Of course, selling your own home will require a fair bit of time and attention. There are a number of things that a realtor usually sees to in a typical sale that you must now deal with yourself so it's best to make a plan and detail what needs to be done step by step. Preparation is going to be a key part of this sale as the home will have to be impressive as will your sales ability. In getting the home ready for sale, perhaps engage the services of a home stager or if you are feeling up top it; take on the staging yourself. Homes are hardly ever lived in, in perfect show condition. In fact it is almost impossible to do this. When the showings actually start and offers start coming in you are going to have to rely on your personality and candor to win over buyers. It is important to be likeable as buyers hate to deal with people that they do not like. Would you buy a care from a guy you hate or cannot stand to be around? Maybe or maybe not, but it is much easier if you like them right?

Negotiating is going to be tricky as you are emotionally and financially involved in this transaction. In using a realtor you still are, but you aren't as immediately involved in the actual negotiations. It can be easy to get emotional during this process but it is important that you remain as professional as possible. Be prepared for buyers to make offers that you feel are outrageous. They do not have the same attachment to the home that you do. If you have priced your home correctly then the offers should reflect that pricing. Lowballs might happen but just counter them appropriately. If you know your home's worth then stick to your guns and see the sale through.