Purchasing a Master-planned Estate

by : Amos Grham

Inflexible design controls aim to guarantee a high standard of development. The design controls protect the asset because it means that you have a uniform approach across the entire development, with height scales, dimension, and style. Moreover, when you become an owner, the master-plan with its stringent regulations is actually protecting your asset.

The master plan allows for houses, apartments, aged-care accommodation, community facilities, shops, and existing environmental features. It's not just about the scale, but how the different components fit together and balance together rather than just impact against each other. If you are looking for the uniformity of modern estate style living then log on to OzFreeOnline.com where you can register free and submit all the necessary details you require in a home including the area and let them do the work for you. While you are online and want to sell your home, why not place your own ad free and let your new online ad do all the work for you as well.

In master-planned estates, the houses are usually on theTorrensTitle System where registration of title is recorded on one document and sometimes-common areas form part of a community-title scheme, where levies pay for the upkeep of any shared facilities. Some of these master-plan communities are reasonably large but there are smaller developments with as few as twelve homes for sale. Generally in a gated enclave with security and the ultimate in privacy. The emphasis is on security and low-maintenance living and commercial gardeners are appointed to maintain the owners' gardens.

These types of master-planned estates are ideal for empty-nesters looking to downsize but not to an apartment. Lifts are installed in many of the homes and they boast quality finishes, including limestone floors, woollen carpets, and state-of-the-art appliances and ducted air-conditioning. This is a niche in the market that has been ignored for too long, and it means that people who don't like the idea of moving into an apartment because they enjoy pottering in their own garden or perhaps because they don't want to part with their pets.