Real Estate Thrill Seekers

by : Dave Shriver

I think if everything would always go as we planned,and we never had disappointments,Life in itself would become boring.I have worked with clients tirelessly holding their hand ,encouraging them, helping them cross hurdle after hurdle only to have the whole thing blow up days before closing. And in today's market how many of us had all our Ducks in a row and the mortgage company pulls at the last moment? Without the lows how can we appreciate the highs?My life in the Real Estate business has been rocked with endless opportunities for ups and downs. You know what? I wouldn't have it any other ways of course I am disappointed at times ,but the adrenaline rush of the negotiation, the thrill of the counter offer,the satisfaction of the closing;would not be there without the risk of failure. The risk of failure is the thrill we crave every day,I know it sounds like we are a whole lot of thrill crazed individuals all windblown ,eyes wide open and spooky,like the professor in 'Back To The Future'That's us all right; just look around at your associates, The 70 year old grandmother who specializes in single family homes, Just watch close at the rapid eye movement, the slight twitch of her lip when she receives a call on one of her listings;Thrill seeker!The semi retired gentleman making his debut in Real Estate as his second profession,look at his trembling hand as he hands his client an ink pin Thrill seeker!Sure laugh,Look over there at the Single mom ,Working Real Estate to bring a brighter future for her children,and yes of course to fullfill her need -Thrill seeker-- I know that actually all your scoffing ,all your denial, all your arguments only try to hide one thing-That you are a -------- Thrill seeker