Look for Investment Properties that Earns Profit

by : Ken Wilson

Countless plots of land for sale in the UK have no real prospects of obtaining planning because of its location, yes it's all about Location.. Location.. Location.. even in land!

One of the best kept secrets in investment land and properties is the freehold land for sale by CrownLand at Cranfield Park in Wickford, Essex. The East of England Plan clearly states for the region of Basildon, Castle Point, Rochford, and Southend & Thurrock that has to build 43,800 new houses in the area until 2021.

This means that a lot of agricultural land will transform to residential land. There are a few areas of agricultural land that have such a good position, that it is amazing that they have not been turned into properties for investment earlier. Investment land for sale in the area could pay off in the medium to long term, plots in the area could find a use for housing in the future.

When choosing one of several investment properties, it is important to have a clear view of the development prospects of the area. Firstly, you have to make sure that the investment land for sale you have your eye on is in a nice area with good scenery, but also close to existing developments. Cranfield Park lies between two areas of housing to the north and south borders. In addition, the Wick Country Park borders it. This means that the investment properties are also in an area that has easy access to existing communities and public buildings and schools, but it is also close to a Park with a lake for leisure purposes.

Being so close to existing developed areas also means that your freehold plot of land will have easy access to electricity, water and gas utilities. Infrastructure is another very important factor to take into consideration when you plan to buy an investment land for sale. If your plot of land is close to a major road, this means that the price of land in that area will increase. Houses in the Cranfield Park area have excellent investment properties because the A127 London borders it - Southend Road just 200m to the South, and the M25 is just 8 miles away.

Housing needs will increase in the area as, currently, 30% of the people of the area commute to London everyday. They get the best of both London and the countryside as they get to have a quiet peaceful life and still work in a competitive well-paid environment. Generally, investment properties are very large, but in this area, you do not have to buy large properties to get a great return. The general assumption is that the area might develop soon because of its great location. It lies in a quiet place that still benefits from proximity to a major road with schools and public buildings just a few minutes away and is a great freehold land investment. You do not even have to invest that much in these properties as prices start from ?7900.

When buying a property, the most difficult thing is drawing up the paperwork. It is extremely time-consuming and you have to run around and pay different fees. If you decide to buy one of these investment properties, you can benefit from the services of the land retailer. With CrownLand they have made it so stress free to purchase, once you pay the 10% reservation fee, for the plot of land you want to purchase, next you will receive all the papers ready for you to sign, on full payment the land is yours 100% all stress-free.

One of the safest and best ways of making money today is to buy investment land, guaranteed to increase in value over the years, because a well-chosen plot in a string of properties for investment may turn soon from agricultural land to residential land.