Pre Built Modular Homes

by : Abdul Hayi Mansoor

Building your new home will be the largest choice you will ever make and probably the most costly purchase you will ever make.
Quality pre-built modular homes hold a very distinct advantage in the market of today.
In the past the concern was that modular homes were not built to certain quality standards. While at some point that may have been true it does not remain so. Modular homes are today good quality homes at rock bottom pricing. Traditionally modular homes were not always permitted in some communities. While in a few that may remain true, for the most part those old distinctions have gone by the wayside.
Homes are custom built or purchased from a lot. They are pre-built so you know exactly what you're getting.
Modular homes today feature some of the most energy efficient appliances and in house features such as furnace blowers and air conditioner that are available on the market today.
Building your home from one of the modular pre-builts makes sense in so may ways. Appliances are included in the home, The architecture has changed and evolved in so many ways that they are now on a par with traditionally built, more expensive homes.
Home building in modular homes is done a bit differently.. Each home is pre built. It is not assembled and stays on site until your basement or home foundation are ready to be used, when the home is moved in several larger pieces and assembled on the site where it will be located permanently.
Prior to being moved to your location they are protected entirely from the environment until you are ready to have it relocated and set up for your living space.
Modular homes today have several advantages aside from the costs being lower than traditional constructed housing. Energy efficient appliances, quality cabinetry, a great value and good after service are just a few of the reasons to purchase a modular home.
Modular homes today are built with some of the most energy efficient appliances that are known. Energy star, an independent system of rating certifies each home with claims to be energy efficient and assure compliance with some stringent criteria to assure you that your home will meet or beat the industry standards and will comply or exceed all local building codes.

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