Are Beachfront Homes For You?

by : Real Estate Advisor

Waterfront homes and seafront homes offer all the charms and attractions of a romantic idyllic living beside blue waters and are perhaps second to none. If you are someone looking to invest on a home with water views, near a beach, a lake or a bay, then it is good to be aware of the pros and cons of living by the ocean before going in for such a purchase. Just read on to know about them.

Living by the ocean offers the following advantages, according to Tonja Demoff, author of "Bubble Proof: Real Estate Strategies That Work in Any Market".

1. Investment material. Waterfront homes make great investment properties as they are in high demand and fetch more money on resale or rental.

2. Fitness opportunities. The vast coastlines offer great opportunities for everyone for exercises such as swimming, walking, etc.

3. Great environment for kids. A waterfront home presents children a fresh and invigorating environment to grow in.

4. Fewer insects. The ocean breezes keep away mosquitoes and insects from your beachfront home making it more livable.

5. Cool ocean breezes. The cool ocean breezes that enter your beachfront home can turn even the hottest summer day into a cooler one.

On the flip side, living by the ocean might have the following disadvantages:

1. High premium property prices. A major disadvantage in oceanfront homes and homes with lovely water views is that they come at a premium and cost more than homes located inland.

2. Expensive homeowners' insurance. Homes situated near hurricane prone areas and flood zones invariably have high insurance rates owing to the risk of wind damage in hurricane prone areas and flooding respectively.

3. Special maintenance. Homes located near the beach may need more maintenance. The corrosive nature of the salt in the sea water may erode pipes and paint. Extra maintenance to keep out the wind such as wind proofing of windows may also be necessary. It would be prudent to get an engineer to examine the house to determine the cost of maintenance before buying it.

4. Traffic and congestion. With the water drawing more crowds, homes situated near beaches and waterways can get congested with too many people and too much traffic.

The pros surely outweigh the cons when you see the bigger picture and know what to expect from your beachside home. Ultimately, the joys of living near the water will truly offset everything else.

Source: Newsday, Laura Koss-Feder (08/03/07)