Real Estate 101: Consider This Before Buying your New Home

by : Kinan Beck

"More and more, people are deciding to buy land on which they will build their dream home. In this way, they are guaranteed that the home they buy meets all of their needs and wants as the home is built to their specifications.

When looking to buy real estate on which you will build a home, however, there are still many things to consider. Similarly, it is still beneficial to enlist in the help of a real estate agent. With the help of a realtor, you can look at several different pieces of real estate in order to find the piece that is best for you. In addition to considering the way the land looks and how nicely your dream home will fit on this piece of real estate, there are other factors you should take into consideration as well. These include:

Ã?â‚?? Checking on utilities
Ã?â‚?? Looking into easements
Ã?â‚?? Finding your boundaries
Ã?â‚?? Considering road maintenance
Ã?â‚?? Utilizing contingencies

It is easy to fall in love with a piece of real estate and to want to buy it right away. In order to make sure you are making a wise investment, however, it is essential to consider each of these factors first.

Checking on Utilities

Depending on the location of the piece of real estate, certain utilities may be unavailable. Or, you might have to pay some very high fees in order to get the utilities ran to your new home. Before you buy the piece of real estate, make sure you are aware of its limitations and what you will need to do in order to get the utilities in place.

Looking into Easements

An easement is when someone has the right to use the land for some other purpose. This may be a private individual or a company. For example, if power lines are located next to the real estate you are looking to buy, the power company may have the right to access your land in order to maintain the power lines. Find out about any easements before you make an offer to buy a piece of real estate or insist that you be able to approve easements before you finalize the sale.

Finding Your Boundaries

Many banks will require that you have a boundary survey conducted before they will loan you the money to buy your land. If the bank does not require a survey to b conducted, it is a good idea for you to request one anyway. When you make an offer to buy a piece of land, it is usually a good idea to quote a certain price per acre as determined by the survey that is to be taken.

Considering Road Maintenance

If you are looking to buy real estate that is on a private road, you will need to consider how your road will be maintained. In many cases, the bank will require you to show a recorded agreement showing that you and any other property owners on the road will assist with the upkeep of the road.

Utilizing Contingencies

There are a number of factors that can cause the land to be unusable for you. For example, if the land does not have a sewer hookup, your decision to buy the real estate will be contingent upon whether or not you can get a permit for a septic system. Similarly, your house design will need to be approved by an architectural review committee. Therefore, whether or not you buy the real estate will also be contingent upon the design getting approval.

By taking all of these factors into consideration and planning ahead, you will be sure to get the home you have always dreamed of!"