Become An Information Provider In An Unsure Market

by : Brandi Cummings

When it comes down to it, a real estate agent is in the relationship business. Buying or selling a home is an emotional thing. It can be a happy occasion, a sad occasion or a mixture of both. What is important for real estate agents to understand is that they need to be there for their clients in the good times and the bad. Just because escrow has closed and the commissions have been paid, does not meant that your relationship with that client is over.

Due to the Adjustable Rate Mortgages that were issued between 2004 and 2006, 1 in every 5 subprime loans will most likely go into foreclosure in the next year. Some of the millions of homeowners that are facing foreclosure as we speak may even be your clients. Now is the time to let your clients know that you are still there to help as well as let potential clients know that you will do what you can to help them make informed decisions when buying their next home.

People are unsure about whether they are going to be able to make their next mortgage payment and what their options will be if they can't. Someone facing foreclosure has a number of options, including selling. You can be there to help by offering information that is going to be much needed and welcomed by a homeowner that is unsure about the future of their family home. Creating an informative report such as "6 Ways To Avoid Foreclosure" can give them the information that they need and at the same time continue to strengthen your relationship. If the time comes when the only option left for them is to sell, they will know that you are there to help them with that as well. People looking to buy a home may be feeling a little gun shy due to the state of things and a report that offers "A Guide To Mortgages: Which is Best For You?" can help them make an informed decision when buying their next home.

You can offer these reports in a number of ways that will also allow you to generate leads.

* Use a toll free call capture hotline. Have people call into a toll free call capture hotline to receive reports or leave their information to have the report emailed or sent to them. The toll free number hotline will capture the name, address and phone number of your callers.
* Include the report in your monthly newsletter that goes out to everyone on your contact list. To capture the leads of the people on your current mailing list that are interested in this report, and therefore possibly at risk for foreclosure, ask them to call into the toll free call capture line to get either the entire report or the second half of the report. If you are not using a newsletter, you should be so this is a good time to start.
* Offer the report on your website. You can then either request for the email address of interested parties or again send them to a toll free call capture line where their name, address, and phone number can be captured so you can follow up with them.
* The newspaper or Homes magazines are a couple of places buyers look to for information. So placing an ad for your free report about picking the right mortgage here will generate a lot of buyer leads. Again, lead people back to your toll free call capture hotline or website to get the report so that you are generating leads while still providing useful information.

It is a scary time for millions of homeowners right now. With the possibility of foreclosure looming over their heads they are going to be searching for information they can use to find their way through. If you establish yourself as the source of the information they are looking for and someone willing to help them now and in the future, you can continue to build your relationships and your client list.