Chesterfield a Beautiful City With Good Business Infrastructure

by : Melancon jeff

Chesterfield at Missouri is a city that is located to some extent in the floodplains of the Missouri river. The remaining part of the city is located above the floodplains. The city is spread across 32.7 square miles. The city is good to live in and has all the features necessary for helping business thrive.

In the earlier days the location was home to some smaller communities. One such community was Bellefountaine or 'Beautiful Spring' in French. This town had a post office formed here in 1869. Hog Hollow was also a town here from 1850. This region is now called Lake. The town of Gumbo had the kind of soil used to make streets. It was named after the kind of soil. In the 1870's a town called Monarch was formed along the rail line. This place was important as it had a general store. Finally, Bonhomme or 'Good Man' in French was a community here. This town featured a post office, a store, a saw mill and a blacksmith's shop. All these towns combined to form Chesterfield as we know it today. You could consult a
Realtor at Chesterfieldfor a luxury home here.

Chesterfield is located along the highway. It is a part of the high technology region. The city is only a short drive away from St. Louis. It looks great with beautiful houses, offices and shopping destinations. The city has horse farms too. The city houses the Faust Park. This park has a playground, a historical village and a walking trail. Chesterfield is also home to art galleries and excellent hotels. It also features a community theater. All these attractions are bringing tourists to this place as well.

Business in the city is growing rapidly. More than 2000 businesses are established here including some Fortune 500 corporations. Chesterfield has research centers and manufacturing firms. Many small businesses also have a presence here. For entertainment we have county parks located in the vicinity.

A Realtor at Chesterfieldwill tell you that a luxury home here will be located in open green space and wooded hills. When you buy a luxury home here you can choose from a wide variety of architecture. The quality of life here is high and your home will feature facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts, clubhouses and walking trails for elderly or retired people. The place has excellent living and nursing facilities for elderly or retired people.

The city has a good infrastructure for education in place. We have excellent public and private schools. The facilities for education are up to the university level. The city also has a good health infrastructure. The medical facilities include the St. Luke's hospital that runs on a not for profit basis and is one of America's best hospitals. The city also has churches.

Chesterfield is a safe city with all the required utilities and a recycling program. You can and should meet a
realtor at Chesterfieldto help you find your luxury home in beautiful surroundings.