Moving Home

by : chris rowlands

Many of you will have experienced the horrors of moving home whether it be to move in with a partner or simply buying a bigger property due to family expansion.

One thing you can be sure of, whatever the reason for moving - it's going to be stressful.
In fact according to a press release by; for 44% of you it is the most stressful experience of a lifetime.

The usual process involves finding a removal company to 'cart' your precious belongings over to your new property. No matter how good the company (and how tolerant they are of your understandably shattered nerves) you're still likely to be a jittering wreck by the end of it. And as I'm sure you can imagine this makes the whole experience that little bit more stressful and that's definitely an understatement.

Many have now taken it into their own hands to move themselves to a new property and as a result van hire firms are prospering.

There are of course a large selection of reliable firms who specialise in the removal sector and have many years of experience behind them. Finding the right company for you can be the hard part.

Those who have opted to move without the aid of a removal specialist will know that along with this independence comes several negative aspects. Firstly you will have to source packing boxeswhich is not as simple as it sounds. Can you really risk your best china in a flimsy cardboard box appropriated from your local supermarket?

Secondly you will need to source packing materials such as bubble wrap, parcel tape, removal blankets, silica gel, furniture covers and cd boxes - well the list is endless really.

Moving housewithout help can descend into unorganised chaos, luckily with the advent of the internet this information has become easier than ever to find. If you perform searches on well known sites such as Google for topics such as; 'help moving house' you should easily find plenty of information.

The same applies to finding removal companies in your area - any reasonably sized company should have its contact details listed online. Finding these websites is made all the easier by the many informative websites now available for you to browse on the topic.

The best piece of advice I can give is to carry out as much research as possible before you begin the process and remember - preparation is key.