School an Important Move Consideration

by : Marie Delci

If you've got kids, choosing the right school for them is an important consideration. If you are moving to a new area, it might be a good idea to do some research into local schools before you rush into the purchase of a home. Here are some tips for coping with school considerations.

Visit the official website of the city you are relocating to. Most city websites have links to school district information, and at least lists of local schools. A good real estate agent will also have this information, and should be happy to provide it. Some schools, especially private schools, have websites themselves. By visiting them, you get a feel for the type of school it is, and can usually read a message from the principle, to help you and your child both feel more familiar with the area.

If you move often, are making a temporary move, or are moving to a remote area, many school districts now have online programs. These distance education programs are an excellent way for kids to keep up with the curriculum without experiencing some of the discomforts of frequent changes in schools, or commuting to a far away school. Of course it doesn't settle the dilemma of how they'll make friends.

If you are unsure of what a neighborhood is like, consider renting before you buy a new home in the area. Alternatively, area demographic information might be available on the city's website. Also, many areas have forums, websites set up for people to ask questions, which local members can answer. Members can also browse older information posted on these information forums. A lot of info about an area can be transmitted by friendly strangers who already live there.