Bahrain Real Estate | Freehold Apartments

by : Ali Moeen

About IRIS W.L.L.

IRIS W.L.L. is a real estate consulting and brokerage firm that offers a blend of the most contemporary amenities and infrastructure presented in a location that provides an incomparable real estate experience for buying, selling, renting and financing freehold properties in Bahrain


IRIS W.L.L. offers freehold apartments for sale in the following locations:

- Fontana Towers in Juffair
- Dream Towers in Seef
- Bella Vista in Mahooz
- Avare Towers in Seef
- Residencia Towers in Juffair
- Tala Island
- Marine Heights in Juffair
- Era Towers in Seef
- Fortune Plaza in Juffair
- Regent Plaza in Juffair
- Terraces of Juffair

More information about these projects can be found at their website


IRIS W.L.L. offers the following financing options:

- Financing through an institute of your choice
- Financing arranged through IRIS W.L.L. financial advisors
- Financing through IRIS W.L.L.

For more information about these options, visit their website

About Bahrain

Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands. The country was once named by ancients Sumerians, considered an island paradise in which there was no disease, death or suffering, and where gods resided. Although modern Bahrain has not retained such mythical status, many still frolic in its heavenly shoreline, and many still perceive the country as blissful respite from lenient Islamic countries.

Bahrain holds a strategic position between East and West, The Kingdom has always been considered a place of unity where east meets west, renowned for its warmth and hospitality. A good balance of traditional values combined with refined modernity, make Bahrain an attractive country to live and work.

Despite the Islamic presence, about one-third of Bahrain's population is foreign expatriates who seek that ideal blend of stability and prosperity. Perhaps this influence has shaped modern Bahrain, now rapidly modernizing, full of shopping malls and restaurants.

Visitors to Bahrain are more likely to want to revel in its antiquity. It is exactly this blend of eastern and western cultures, this commingling of mosque and skyscraper, which draws so many to Bahrain. Bahrain is full of surprises and is becoming increasingly popular as a home and business destination. Much of Bahrain's appeal lies in its cosmopolitan atmosphere, friendly and courteous people and contemporary living.

Bahrain has much to offer in terms of leisure activities. The Kingdom often plays host to regular cultural events from plays to the Formula One Grand Prix. There are a range of conference centers and outdoor arenas. A wide variety of cinemas offer the latest international movies. There are innumerable museums, galleries and historical sites to visit.

Bahrain's fair weather, offers the opportunity for many land and sea based sporting activities. There is a variety of health clubs, golf courses, racetracks and sporting stadiums. There are excursions across the desert, horse-riding and camel-racing, for the adventurous. At sea, activities include dolphin watching boat trips, water skiing, windsurfing, sailing and a range of other water sports activities. The wide range of nationalities living within The Kingdom of Bahrain have enhanced and increased the choice of restaurants available within the region.

Bahrain is a world class logistic centre for banking, finance, industry and tourism and is one of the most favorable living environments in the Gulf, where several multinational communities enjoy freedom and a friendly cosmopolitan lifestyle.