Real Estate and Land Broker

by : Stephen Campbell

Literal meaning of broker is a person, entity, or party who takes intermediary commission during the deal between seller and buyer. Real state and land brokers are the terms use for the brokers who act between buyer and seller while dealing in real state or land property.
The relationship of these real estate and land brokers with buyer and seller were originally established under the English common law in USA. In UK, these brokers are known as Estate agents.

What kind of work these agents are required to do?

These real estate and land brokers with their salesmen are responsible to carried out the deal between seller and buyer. They will guide sellers in marketing and selling their properties with highest possible rates while acting towards seller's broker. They will also assist buyers to purchase good property at nominal rates and best terms and conditions. In this case they are said to be a buyer's agents. They will take commission legally from the parties engaged in dealing. Some real estate and land brokers also collaborated with loan or finance officers, who can help buyer to get finance for their purchase. For that purpose several terms and conditions would be subjected for change.

Services are not the integral part of the service provided by these real estate and land brokers.

There are few title services, for example, title search, title insurance etc. along with the survey and formal appraisals and acting as the lawyers for parties are few services which are not being offered by these kinds of brokers. But they assist you to take advice and coordinate with the appropriate specialist in these fields.

There are several listing contracts between seller and broker, which is essential part of fair dealing. These contracts are listed below-

1. Exclusive Agency- In this kind of dealing, broker have the rights to sell the property with no commission is ever given to other broker. In this case, property will never be listed in MLS.

2. Exclusive Right to sell the property- In this type of contract, broker will enjoy the rights to marketing the property and will represent the seller exclusively to buyer. Brokers may offer some part of its brokerage to other brokers who help them to show the property or to find the potent buyer of the property.

3. Open listing- This is the type of contract in which, brokers have right to advertise, negotiate the sale. Whoever broker first bring the appropriate offer would receive commission. Real estate will required the written contract for open listing to be signed by the seller. This will ensure commission to broker if the deal takes place.

What is brokerage commission?

After the deal between buyer and seller finally gets over, broker received the brokerage or commission for their services and efforts for completing the deal. This commission ranges from few percent of the amount given by buyer to seller. In North America, generally 5 to 7 percent is given to real estate broker after transaction.