Get Your Commercial Real Estate Investment Right

by : Kris Koonar

The real estate industry accommodates big and small time players, but the rules applicable are the same. It hardly matters whether you are a residential real estate investor or one in commercial properties. The dos and don'ts are the same, maybe in different magnitudes. In the case of residential properties, you graduate from single to multiple homes, within a region and offshore. Your clientele is the family man. However, if you are a commercial real estate investor, then you graduate from a single office to multiplexes, where your clientele are businessmen.

In order to get your commercial real estate investment right you need to consider the following:

1) As you progress within the target market, consider some drastic alterations to your business operations. You not only need to introduce and develop the alterations, but also accommodate them successfully. Ensure that your business is at all times within the lending parameters of all commercial real estate investment lenders.

2) You will realize that being a commercial real estate investor, you outgrow the local financial institutional help possible and have to identify new avenues. Identify a commerical real estate intemetn lender who can not only take care of the immediate requirements of the business operations, but also enable support to help you grow in future.

3) Don't get into the trap of amortized loans. Be aware that in the case of refinancing an investment or upgradation, the involved rates in no way remain constant. You should also avoid fluctuation in rates. If ignored, this can cost you a lot of money and sometimes, the busienss. Demand FICO grades to measure loans.

As a commercial real estate investor, rermember that your investment is big. Hasty and careless decisions could cost you all your hard earned money. Do not hesitate to call in the professsionals, especially if you are a first timer in the field. Commercial real estate investing involves a lot of legality and documentation. Personal attention should be given to every aspect of the business; it is your venture after all and only you stand to gain or lose in the long run.

Always conduct a thorough research of the target market prior to making any investment. Remember that the market is just as lucrative as it is volatile. Take professional advice on the most profitable market phase and deals. It also helps to network with other players in the commercial real estate investment industry. These people are part of the market that you may be just stepping in to. Even if you are not a new comer to the commercial real estate investment industry, you still stand to gain from the varied experiences and opinions of others.

You should cover the ground work well with regards to:

. The preferred locations for commerical rentals and sales
. The in-house ammenities that most businessmen look for
. The current market trends in the commercial real estate investment industry
. The rates applicable that are not only lucrative, but also fair
. The legal issues to be taken care of according to specific business or corporate the premises is leased out to.

If you tread cautiously, nothing can stop you from achieving the success you yearn for!