Making Money With Real Estate Investing Now

by : TC and Vickie Bradley

On January 8th, 2001, our life changed in an instant!

Our entire income source disappeared in the blink of an eye (we lost our million dollar company to a bad partnership).

Every nickel we had was invested in that company!

We were devastated!

We were placed in a position that we had to do something to make
money that month!

We often tell our students that even if you contacted us back in January and told us that you had a course that could teach us how to invest in real estate without credit checks and $1.00-10.00 down
we would have turned you away UNLESS you could show us how to make what we call real money with those homes.

What is real money? To us it is at least $5,000 to $10,000 a
month (and more!).

You see, when most people think of investing in real estate they think of the "buy and hold" strategy.

The "buy and hold" strategy is where you buy a piece of property and "Hold" it for years while the principal is slowly paid down and the value goes up.

We did not have time to "buy and hold" a home and wait 3-10 years to realize a profit!

If we were going to invest in real estate we had to do it in a way that made us "real money" that month! Not 3-10 years from now!

Our mortgage, electric bill, and telephone bills are due every month!

The mortgage company does not want to wait 3-7 years for their money, and they won't!

We were very fortunate to learn how to control properties without credit checks and $1-10.00 down and still enjoy real profits in the thousands of dollars per home.

Our system was not put together because we were sitting in the Jacuzzi one day and the clouds parted and we received divine inspiration!

We often tell people that "we teach from where we have lived," meaning that we teach from personal experience.

We are unique in that we used what we teach first and foremost to secure our dream home. It was not until we lost our company that we were put into a position where we had to look closer at investing full time.

It was then that we discovered how powerful what we teach really is.

In 3 years, the land values in our area had tripled and our dream home almost doubled in value, giving us an unheard-of equity position without being on title!

We knew first hand how powerful this method was and that it could generate some immediate serious cash flow!

Whatever way you choose to invest in real estate you will have to pay attention to your cash flow.

We have an investor friend of ours that invests in homes that need to be fixed up.

On his current project he had a home that he had estimated the fix up costs of the home to be $5,000.

The last time I talked to him he was at $25,000 in repairs and counting on that project! (Ouch!)

We were not interested nor did we the have money or credit to buy a home and then spend tens of thousands of dollars fixing it up (while still paying the mortgage) and then put it on the market for who knows how many months until it sold.

Now understand, we are not passing judgment on that method of investing in real estate. We are sure there are tremendous profits in that area if done the right way, we just did not have an interest in "fishing out of that pond."

We LOVE to invest in real estate without credit checks and $1.00-$10.00 down but also LOVE it that we can set up to 3 areas of possible profit on a home!

#1. Upfront profits in the thousands (real money)

#2. Profits every single month (cash flow)

#3. Profit when you go to closing

For example, a recent deal we did resulted in an upfront profit of $5,500, a monthly cash flow of 200.00 and a back end profit of $6,000 (this from a home that had no equity in it when we did the deal!)

They say that "CASH IS KING" and we tend to agree with that statement (as does our mortgage company and creditors).

So when you decide to invest in real estate, make sure you clearly understand how and when you are going to profit in that deal.

We recently talked to a new investor who had invested in her first investment home using the "buy and hold" strategy. She secured a 30-year mortgage on the home and for months it has been vacant.

Meanwhile, she has been paying $1,000 a month for the mortgage!

Real estate can be a very profitable investment, but it is not completely risk-free.

Thankfully, there are ways to limit your exposure to those risks so you can experience the joy of going to the bank and putting money in the bank instead of taking it out every month!