Achieving Financial Freedom

by : Charrissa Cawley

Imagine a life where you don't need to worry about money, and you can have everything your family needs. A life of financial freedom is attainable.The secret is to follow a set of proven principles and techniques and apply them to your own life and then you will be on your way to achieving financial freedom and the life you have always desired.

You need to understand that these principles and techniques are more than just theory; they are based on real life experiences and successes and are proven to work over and over again in all types of markets. No matter what the circumstance, these success principles wiill work to move you toward financial independence, as long as you apply them.

Before you can be wealthy, it is essential to understand what wealth really is. The dictionary definition is: An abundance of those things people desire. A sound or healthy state. Well being. Notice that the definition of wealth does not mention money, not even once. In fact, in Napoleon Hill's famous book 'Think and Grow Rich,' he compiled a list of the twelve things that constitute true wealth as reported by some of the richest people in the world. On that list, money ranked twelfth. The first eleven items had nothing to do with money.

There are so many other things on that list, because the acquisition of money is such a small part of true wealth. There are nine key components to achieving the wealth you crave.

The first component is faith in God. There is a strong correlation between wealthy individuals and spirituality. It has been found that people who have a strong spiritual connection are more likely to take financial risk which is an essential key to achieving wealth.

The second very important component for wealth is a positive mental attitude. You must think about the future a lot, setting very specific and measurable goals. Commit yourself to excellence. Believe that you will achieve, and get the results that you desire. There are always problems that come up in life, become a problem solver and take action. Go after what you want. Don't forget to always grow and learn. You will never know it all, but take advantage of every opportunity to learn more.

The third component for achieving wealth is living a life of sound physical health. No mater what else is going on in your life, you cannot enjoy it if you are not physical healthy. Control your nutrition, put quality food into your body, after all you are what you eat. Listen to your body when it comes to getting the sleep you need. Exercise, because your body craves physical activity; allow it the release that it needs. Meditate to rejuvenate your mind and spirit.

Integrity is the fourth essential component to wealth. You must develop a sense of integrity in everything that you do both in business and in your social life. Do what you say you will do, finish everything that you start and always show up on time.

Living in harmony with human relations is the fifth component. It is important to learn how to satisfy other's needs. Listen to people, ask questions and respond accordingly. Discover what matters to them and spend time with them doing those things.

The sixth component for achieving wealth is the concept of self mastery. You must commit yourself to a plan for your life and have the discipline to apply the daily habits that you need to succeed. It can be scary at times, you must have the courage to over come the fear and the persistence to never give up no matter what is thrown in your way. Be ruthless with your time,

And overcome the lure of laziness when things become too comfortable. Avoid arrogance and develop a thankful heart, always being thankful for what you have. Above all else, have fun with yourself and your life.

One of the most important concepts of wealth is number seven ; financial independence. Set a budget for yourself and live with in your means.It is so easy to spend money you don't have, but you must create a financial plan and live with in it. Follow your passion, because doing work you enjoy will ultimately make you more successful and productive. Start investing your money and make it work smarter for you. You will know that you have reached financial independence when your passive and portfolio income exceed your expenses.

The eighth component of wealth is the desire and willingness to give of yourself and your money. The wealthiest people in the world know that giving to others creates a sense of security and peace because what you give to others will return to you ten fold.

The ninth and last component of achieving true wealth is also one of the most important. You must discover and live your true and unique purpose in life. Everyone has a unique reason that they are on this earth, and when you discover it and begin living it, you will truly discover your passion. When you live your passion and develop your talents and gifts to the fullest, you will then be able to experience real wealth.