Document Image Integration With Title Plants

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DataTree XOS enables the integration of a database of over 3.5 billion public land record document images with title plants, websites, or other proprietary systems. Based on common XML standard, DataTree XOS provides seamless connection without platform compatibility problems or multiple desktop application issues.

The DataTree XOS database contains real property records from across the nation including mortgages, map images, recorded deeds, liens, judgments, and more.

Title plant systems contain real property documents that parallel the records of the county recorder's office. However, title plants typically file the records differently than the county office. The recorded information includes every document pertinent to the specific property that can be used to acquire title insurance.

Grantor-Grantee Indices include the records of the transferences of title to all of the properties in a specific county as indicated by the records held at the county recorder's office. Although other methods can be utilized to store property records, Grantor-Grantee Indices are commonly used, maintaining the records according to the names on record as seller and buyer. These names are often used to trace the title of a property, which is referred to as a title search.

DataTree XOS allows the user to pull document images from the nationwide database using the document ID number. Then, the document can be accessed within the user's proprietary interface and indices. In a matter of seconds, the requested document is delivered and available within the user's system.

Capable of processing thousands of transactions in an hour, DataTree XOS features quick and accurate access to public property records. Updated on a daily basis, the database is not only comprehensive but also current.

DataTree XOS provides technical advantages including efficient and timely host updates and advanced catastrophic backup for reliable and timely recovery.

The standard monitoring tools coupled with DataTree XOS provide protection throughout the entire process including points of application, transport, and hosting. Its HTTP tunneling through proxy servers creates good connectivity on a consistent basis. The high bandwidth capacity allows for quick processing of all transactions. Plus, the high-speed images are delivered in single-page TIFF formats into Internet or Intranet destination choices.