New Avenue for First Time Buyers to Consider!

by : Keith McGregor

20% of parents are now helping their children out with a further 20% looking to do so in the near future.

With many parents feeling it is their parental responsibility to help their children out I think we will find the age at which many people pay off their mortgages slowly start to rise. If parents do not have the sort of money that is needed as a deposit to hand their only course of action is to remortgage their own home!
It also seems that many children do not realise that their parents are able to lend them money as only a very small percentage would consider asking them!
So the position does not look good for parents, the amount they are needing to lend seems to be increasing along with their re-payments of their own mortgage.
The Question is, are their easier ways and better incentives that enable first time buyers onto the property ladder….
…..Over supply of new apartments in city centres, Buy to Let market slowing down, what is the future for the property market? Who is going to buy all of these city centre apartments?
Can we find a way to make it more affordable for First Time Buyers to purchase whilst keeping the current prices the same?

There must be hundreds of apartments in city centres like Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool etc… sitting empty because the rental market is swamped and the prices the developers want are too high.
Is there a way to make these affordable to first time buyers? If they are not selling, the developer may be more willing to offer a discount. How about a Government led mortgage scheme enabling first time buyers better mortgage rates and gifted deposits?
This way you kill 2 birds with one stone, you help first time buyers onto the ladder and developers sell a lot of their city centre apartments that no one can afford!
There have always been mortgage products in the market place for first time buyers they have discounted rates and a high loan to value, there are now products that also accept gifted deposits.
This has now opened up the discounted property market to the first time buyers.
I predict that in the near future more and more property agencies and investment companies will come around to the fact that they are missing a massive part of the market in first time buyers. By offering an extremely inexpensive way into property this may be just what both parties need!