Area Homes Provide For Residences

by : Tim Dillard

One of the fastest-growing areas in Gulf Coast Texas, is the League City Area. The community dates back to 1873, when the very first resident settled at the confluence of Clear Creek and Chigger Bayou.

The railroad was already in the area and the community, which grew up around the railroad stop, was treated to several name changes, alternating between Clear Creek and League City until finally League City won out. The name Clear Creek is still attached to several locations in the area, including a neighborhood in the area as well as the Clear Creek Bayou.

These homes have been purchased in many instances by those who have chosen to leave Galveston and settle in areas farther inland, or where the property prices are somewhat lower here in the League City area. New homes here make an excellent choice for retirees.

The houses are attractive and often set in planned communities or golf course communities. The master planning means that transportation for those looking at retirement is less of a concern. The location at League City is convenient to all the amenities of the urban Houston area while still retaining the greenways and more open environment that a suburban community provides.

Homes are set in attractive neighborhoods often with various styles, depending on the preferences of the custom builders who are participating in the League City area. New homes have many builders involved and you will be able to find houses at all price levels, with many different floor plans from which to choose.

Many of these new homes may be built close to a golf course so that both avid golfers and retirees who are looking to improve their handicap can find a home that is only a short walk or golf cart ride to the first tee. Golf communities often have other associated facilities that allow for water sports, social gatherings, and other neighborhood-type activities.

Other aspects to consider when selecting a retirement community are the convenience to good health-care facilities. This is certainly the case with this area. The proximity to Houston means the best possible medical care is easily accessible within commuting distance.

The shopping, cultural activities, recreational areas, and nature paths are all added benefits from selecting a retirement home in the League City area. New Homes here are reasonable, which is another important factor in selecting a retirement community.

New homes are being built every day by developers that know the importance of high-quality and aesthetically-pleasing homes, with landscaping that works well with the surrounding areas. Homes are also being built in subdivisions that are in Houston. New homes here showcase the beauty of the city and the surrounding terrain.

Texas, and especially Galveston County, has much to offer to someone looking for a new home and a new neighborhood in which to raise a family or simply enjoy life. Those who want this experience can move to one of the best new places to live. In Texas, there really is no other place like Galveston County.