New Homes Keeping Pace With Competitive Market

by : Tim Dillard

As one enters the city of Houston from any direction it is easy to see in the distance on a clear day its impressive downtown skyline. Outer suburbs are increasing with the outflow from the inner city. Now there is an inflow back into the inner city as well. It is a young city that hustles in business ventures and technology research. This area is fast becoming high tech from the inside-out.

The face lift has been good. Uptown and downtown has a new look. New transportation of metro mass transit is talking about additional rail segments leading from downtown to the suburbs. The energy here is fast-paced and competitive. The city forward thinking, a "yes" thinking city and "no" is not in the vocabulary for growth.

Houston is an outstanding city, full of anything and everything a family or business professional would desire. Diversity, upscale master planned communities are a part of the landscape. Old is coming down and new is going up. It is the 4th largest city in the nation with over 2 million calling it home.

Where the city is lacking in highway and road improvements it makes up with energy to stay ahead of its busting seams. Construction is moving up, when it can't move out. Community development of Houston new homes are everywhere, in every section of the inner city and suburbs with no end in sight.

As well, all area suburban communities, in one suburb, Sugar Land new homes are booming. In either the inner city or the suburbs you will find the best places to live in America. Cultural and economic diversity are evident in every corner and section.

Upscale condos, town homes are taking the place of older homes. Price ranges of newly constructed homes in some neighborhoods are priced in the millions. Added amenities to the neighborhoods are in Houston. Golf course communities, parks, jogging trails, and man made lakes are within each master planned community. There is something for everyone.

Houston's cost of living index is appealing since it is one of the lowest in the nation. With a slight downturn in home sales it amazingly has not changed in home and business facility construction. Maybe this is a forecast that the city will hold strong in a storm better than many other cities.

This city has something for everyone. Whether single or a family of four (or more); whether entrepreneur or employee, any race, any faith, any income level, Houston has a place for you. And if you are not energized by the fast pace, there are quiet respite locations to live away from the hustle.