Six Ways to Find Motivated Sellers!

by : Charles W. Moore

When you begin to seek out investment properties, you need to be aware of your potentials and not waste money when properties are overpriced or being sold by an individual who is not highly motivated to sell their property. Instead, you need to find what is referred to as a motivated buyer, who will agree to your terms rather than making demands of his or her own for the sale of the property. With six forms of aggressive advertisement, you can be relatively assured that you will have motivated sellers seeking you out in no time.

1. Use Bandit signs. Have you seen roadside advertisements for buying cars whether they run or not, or homes for sale that are rent-to-own? These are called Bandit signs, and they can provide a huge source of advertisement to catch the attention of motivated sellers. Put up 10-20 of these a week in and around neighborhoods that have nice, newer homes, stating, "We Buy Houses" with slogans like "No equity, No problem", and add a phone number to call. You will be amazed at the response.

2. Put a magnetic sign on your car. Many different small businesses have profited from this form of advertisement. It is inexpensive and can catch attention wherever you are, even while driving down the road. Imagine a motivated seller, stressing over his or her divorce, driving by you and noting that you will buy their house, solving one of the many issues weighing on their mind at the time.

3. Post ads in the local paper. It does not have to be long and complex; have it say the same things as your car sign and your Bandit signs. Add a line at the bottom about a 24-hour recording, and provide this recording when the number is called so that the seller can learn more about your intentions.

4. Hand out business cards. Simply tell people that you buy houses and to give your card to anyone who needs to unload a property quickly. You will get referrals this way and may even get direct opportunities from the person to whom you are speaking. You never know who is a potential motivated seller in debt up to their eyeballs and needing a way out. You should give out 5 to 10 cards a day, which equals to 35-70 cards a week.

5. Build a website. You can hire a professional to do this with lots of keyword content and a professional look advertising the fact that you are a real estate investor looking to purchase properties for a small sum of money and have it pop up all over search engines as local residents who are motivated sellers begin to look for a way out.

6. Driving for Dollars, go for a Sunday drive and take note of all the "For Sale By Owner's signs in a particular neighborhood of nice, newer homes so that you can later call the owner and inquire about viewing the home and talk to them about your investment options. Many motivated sellers will welcome you with open arms.

With these simple advertising opportunities, you can seek out literally hundreds of motivated sellers who will work with you, allowing you to build a great basis for investment opportunity and profit.