How to Thrive in Real Estate Today

by : bnewhall

I thought you might be interested in recent conversations with clients and associates about what is going on in the current real estate market. I want to share these questions with you as a guide for you and anyone you know who wants to thrive in today's Real Estate Market.

1. I think prices will continue to drop so I am thinking about waiting to buy. What do you think?

Appearances can be deceiving. Prices will continue to drop on the homes that most buyers do not want to buy. About 50% of the market is grossly overpriced given their condition and/or location. Keep in mind that about 40% of the available homes
are selling at or near the list price and about 10% are actually selling with multiple offers, something the local media chooses to ignore in its daily reporting.

3. How can I be reassured if I choose to buy in this market?

I understand your concerns about the market; I am here to guide you through all of it. My negotiating skills will provide you with the ultimate benefit and peace of mind when you make an offer on a home or investment property. Building wealth in real estate has always required a long-term investment.

Employing a 'Buy and Hold' strategy will accrue true wealth.

Appreciation is all about time in the market, not timing in the market.

4. What will the 2008 real estate market look like?

I wish I could tell you what the future holds. What I do know is that living in California for over 40 years I have experienced numerous different markets. The California real estate market always affords great opportunities at any given time.

California real estate is a sure bet in the long run.

There are three reasons about why to buy a home:

1. Set down roots,
2. Tax advantages
3. Most importantly, appreciation over time.

I hope this information has helped you. Pass this on to someone you know who has been thinking of jumping into this market.