Minimising Property Investment Risk

by : Keith McGregor

Will property investment provide the returns and profit I require? Or will my property lose me money if I can’t rent it out or sell it for a profit? These are all critical questions which need to be addressed.
As the risk of property investment will never be completely removed, the key lies in minimising the risk to an acceptable level.

Due care and attention should be given to risk at all stages of the property investment cycle.
Detailed research should be undertaken with all property investment opportunities.
Particularly if you are looking to invest in an unfamiliar area, in the UK or even Overseas. It is important to become familiar with that area to ensure that you are buying the right property in the right location with sufficient rental and re-sale demand.
Speaking to numerous estate and letting agents is an important part of the research process. Gain as much information as you can from the local property professionals.
A vast amount of information can also be obtained through various property websites. This becomes particularly helpful and time saving when looking at other properties in the local area to give an insight into the correct level of pricing and to indicate achievable rental figures.
The research doesn’t stop there. Once you have decided to go ahead with buying your investment property, ensure that you have instructed the right estate or letting agent to sell or let your property (dependent on your investment strategy). Choose the right agent and you will have a proactive company who will do their part to ensure that you get the best out of your investment property. Choose the wrong agent and you could find that your property remains untenanted or unsold for a prolonged period of time, leaving you paying the mortgage and bills with no immediate return!

There are a number of crucial factors to consider when investing in property, be it your first acquisition or an addition to an already substantial property portfolio.
Many investors decide to undertake the required research personally. Some with great success but unfortunately many also fail to achieve their goals and aims which initially spurred them to invest in property.
An attractive choice for investors is to approach companies who advise and in some circumstances offer investment properties. Such companies can offer well researched opportunities wrapped in an investment “package”. This leaves little for the investor to worry about and removes the requirement to undertake time-consuming research. Recommended Solicitors and Mortgage Advisors can also be used, ensuring that competent professionals are used to allow the process to run as smoothly as possible with good solid advice available.
To truly minimise the ever-present risk factor, careful consideration should be given to the essential research required. Obtaining advice from the right property professionals could make the difference between success and failure in property investment.