Perfect Property?

by : John Adam

When choosing a place to live, some people only want an apartment big enough for them and their families; others seek a quiet and nice place; others want excellent location or good appearance, while others still want a unique investment opportunity to ensure that their home will keep its value in the future.

While it seems difficult to meet all these demands by means of a single property, there is now an apartment and office complex under way in Sofia which has the ambitious aim to meet all the demands of successful home seekers. Its name is 'City of Fountains', and its objective - to change the whole idea about Sofia real estate projects.

To say that City of Fountains can meet all demands does not mean that the residential complex offers a one-size-fits-all solution to the needs of all home seekers. Rather, by meeting the demands of the even the most pretentious - those who want their home to match their successful lifestyle - it will ensure that it is also perfect for everyone who has not necessarily thought of wanting all it has to offer.

City of Fountains is a project of the real estate investment company Karrat Group Ltd. In cooperation with some of Bulgaria's leading construction and design companies, as well as with Colliers International, the worldwide affiliation of independently owned and operated companies.

The residential complex has several unique features. First, it is the only complex with fountains running throughout its grounds, which renders a remarkable atmosphere different from all existing Sofia residential complexes. Apart from the fountains, there are many green recreation areas, and the landscape project is developed by a specialized company from Western Europe based on a landscape scheme. The architecture is modern, making the complex noticeable against the background of most construction works in Sofia. The facades, lobbies, and commonly-owned parts are made of high-quality materials according to an interior design project.

Sometimes high quality construction and a pleasant atmosphere are not enough to successful business people or demanding young families; location and amenities are often crucial to them. City of Fountains is conveniently located in Mladost 4 residential area, only 400m away from Business Park Sofia and with excellent transport connections to other parts of the city as well as to the Vitosha Mountain.

The amenities which the complex has to offer are indeed remarkable. These include one of the largest fitness and spa centers in Sofia, a swimming pool and multi-purpose playground, an on-site kindergarten, various restaurants and cafes, an apart hotel, a supermarket, and a large shopping centre. The amenities have been selected to meet the needs of the lifestyle of the successful property seekers who know what they want, and are just another thing that makes City of Fountains a unique place to live or invest in.