Direct Mail Letters to Contact Defaulted Homeowners

by : Judson Voss

In the old days it used to take a lot of time to find and contact all of the default mortgages out there. Now, it is way easier these days to find the names of homeowners in pre-foreclosure than it used to be and as a result contacting them is easier too.

Looking for the Foreclosures
In the old days you used to have to go down to the courthouse and scroll through the lists of homes in foreclosure on microfiche in order to find pre-foreclosure deals that fit your needs and get the names of potential sellers that you could send letters to. In fact, if you wanted you could still do this.

If you want to save yourself some time and stress on your neck, try buying into a mortgaging list that sends you all of the default mortgages. There are all kinds of list providers out there today. They'll send you lists filled with pre-foreclosures and foreclosures in areas across the country.

How to Start Direct Mailing
You can now contact all of these wonderful foreclosures and pre-foreclosures available on the market by making use of direct mailing practices. Direct mail involves sending a form letter to the homeowners you've selected as potential clients.

Once you get your list of homeowners in default or even a list of homeowners with their own mortgages you can start sending out direct mailing letters.

If you are uncomfortable with your own letter drafting skills, you can look up some pre-formatted sales letters that are available online, or just use a letter template from your word processing program (such as Microsoft Word) to create your own simple and direct letter to the homeowner.

In your letters be sure to state your reasons for contacting the homeowner about his or her pre-foreclosure and provide your business information.

That includes:

?Your name and company name (if any)
?Telephone number
?Mailing address or office address (if any)
?Business card

Including a business card in each letter you send out may be a little costly at first, but in the long run those homeowners you contact about picking up their homeowner mortgages or pre-foreclosures are more likely to keep a business card than the letter.

Some suggest being prepared to send out your direct mailing letters to defaulted homeowners up to seven times before you'll get a response. That's the average number of times someone needs to see a piece of information before they'll act on it.