Marketing Tips for Notaries

by : The Intern

With the recent slowdown in the housing and mortgages markets and the subsequent slowdown of notary work, it is now more important than ever to makes sure that notaries advertise as effectively as possible in order to get as many jobs as possible. However, marketing can be very costly and difficult if you don't know what you are doing. Yet, when done right, marketing can have a big impact on the number of jobs a notary will get each day. Here are a couple of marketing tips that can help increase your name recognition and number of jobs.

One of the first and most important things to do when starting a marketing campaign plan for your notary business is to take your business online. The internet is quickly becoming the most important means of finding information and communicating with people. This is of often the first place someone will look if they are looking for a notary. Therefore, it is important that customers are able to find you using internet searches and notary databases. . Increasing your internet presence can be done in two steps. First, it is important to put your name and contact information on a notary directory. These directories are important because the good ones will show up in search engines much sooner that a personal notary website will. Therefore, people will be more like to click to this directory and use the directory to find a notary. If your name is in this directory you will be more likely to get called f someone is looking for a notary in your area. Also, it is important to have professional looking web page for people to look at. Though this in itself will not bring much traffic, linking it from your profile in a directory is an easy way to show customers that you are a serious notary who has experience and knows what you are doing. Taking these two steps will help increase that number of jobs you get from online customers.

While the online world is full of opportunities, it is important to remember that as a mobile notary you are really serving customers in your area. Thus, it is important to get your name out in the community. This is where the marketing gets a little tricky. There are numerous of ways to put your name out there and each way will work better in different situations. You need to understand that all of the following suggestions will work for you. It is important to evaluate each suggestion to decide how it will help your notary business. That said, one quick way to make your name more visible in the community is buying magnetic car decals. These can be designed and purchased online and then stuck to the side of a vehicle. Car decals are like a moving billboard, proclaiming your notary business to everyone you drive past. Since you will most likely be driving within the area in which you do your notary work, it is a plan that will reach only customers within your area. Another easy tip is to hand out business cards at each and every signing.

Remember, you are marketing yourself and if a customer has a good experience with you and your business card they will be more likely to recommend you to a friend. Finally, if there is a large mortgage company in your area that you would like to work for it may be a good idea to bring donuts to the office one morning. If you call ahead and offer to bring refreshments many offices will be happy to accept. This is a good way to build a personal connection with the companies and leave your business card and an impression with the notary schedulers. In the end the most important part about marketing is ensuring that a positive image of you notary work is conveyed to all potential clients.