Real Estate Investing - It Takes A Team

by : Chris Parks

That's right, Real Estate Investing is a team sport, and if you want to be successful, you will have to build a strong team. No matter how badly you want to, you can not do everything yourself. You just will not have the time or expertise.

As new Real Estate investor you need to begin thinking about who you want on your team. Get referrals from other Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Mentors. It is best to select people who have some type of Real Estate investing experience.

Also, it is extremely important to not have teammates who tell you this can not be done. You need only supportive team members. Surround yourself with link-minded people; negativity will get you no where.

You will build your Real Estate Investing team over time, not overnight. Sometimes it will be by trial and error. Yes, in some instances you will have to pay your teammates, but if you have chosen wisely you will get your investment back many times over.

To build a successful team you need to build a relationship with many different individuals. Choose your teammates wisely and they will help you reach the Real Estate Investing dreams that you so desire.

Your Team Should Include...

Your Spouse/Significant Other
Support at home is critical.

Your Local REIA

In order to associate with like-minded Real Estate Investors and local Entrepreneurs, it is essential that you find a REIA to attend in order to network with fellow Investors.

Other Real Estate Investors

Other Investors are a major player on your team. You will seek their advice or input often and they will be able to provide referrals for many of your other teammates.

Real Estate Attorney

Select an attorney that is familiar with creative Real Estate Investing.


You want a certified professional keeping your books, preparing your financial statements, and advising you on tax issues. Make sure they also understand creative Real Estate Investing.

Title Insurance Company

Title searches and closing are often done by Title Companies. Note that in some areas it is common for attorneys to do these functions.

Insurance Agent

Insurance will be needed for all properties that you buy and hold for whatever reason. Not to mention liability insurance. You will also probably want an all-encompassing umbrella policy to protect you and your business. Again select an agent that is familiar with what you do.

Real Estate Agents

Yes, you want Investor friendly Real Estate Agents on your team. It will probably take some time to find a few, but they are worth their weight in gold. Make sure the relationship will be mutually beneficial.

Mortgage Broker

If you need to help a tenant owner get financing, a mortgage broker can come in handy. They can start early in the process and try to get your tenant owners a mortgage to cash you out. Have several different companies at hand. Get referrals and stay on top of them throughout the loan process.


Eventually you will become pretty good at inspecting structures, and systems but until then use a professional. A wrong evaluation can cost you thousands.

Licensed Contractor

This is the best person to estimate repair costs. While an Inspector can spot things that need to be repaired, your contractor can give you accurate labor and material estimates.


Again, you will eventually get very good at this, but have an appraiser on your team as you will need help in the beginning.

Notary Public (Mobile)

Some documents have to be notarized and you do not want to wait until the next day when a Motivated Seller is ready to sign your contract. Having a mobile notary on your team allows someone to meet you right at a property.

A Few Others to Take Care of:

&bull General Handyperson Work
&bull Demo and/or Hauling Junk
&bull Plumbing
&bull Electric
&bull Termites/Pest Control
&bull Roofer
&bull Painter
&bull Carpet/Flooring

I think you get the point. And if not, do not worry because once you have a Real Estate deal in hand, you will quickly figure out if there are others that you need.