Pitfalls Of Real Estate Investing

by : Kim Lee

Investing in real estate most likely won't produce the get-rich-quick results promised by many a late-night infomercial. But for investors willing to do some homework, make a good purchase and properly manage a piece of property, the rewards can be substantial. There are some common mistakes made in real estate investing that almost every novice makes. These pitfalls of real estate investing can easily be avoided. You need to know these mistakes or it could cost you a fortune. Paying attention to the smallest detail could net even more profits than you could imagine.

The first mistake you must not make is not formulating a plan. Every successful business has started with a marketing plan. They recognized the marketing niche which needed filled and offered the service to fill the void. This is what you must do to avoid the pitfalls of real estate investing. The marketing plan is easy to write. You must write it down. This gives you a visual of what you are doing. When you seem to get lost in the transactions, you can refer to this plan and get back on track. The marketing plan should include how many deals you want to process. You will want to list how much money you want to make. You will also want to put down how long this is going to take. Setting goals and sticking to them will make it easier to realize your real estate dreams.

Another pitfall of real estate investing is not knowing the market. You must know what areas are growing and which ones are becoming depressed. The last thing you want is to buy the dream home in an area where no one wants to live. This can be a costly mistake. Getting to know your market means knowing the price you can buy at and sell for. This is one thing that is a must when investing in real estate. Expecting every deal to be like the last one is a mistake many novice investors make. They get frustrated and disgusted when the second or third deal does not go as smoothly as the first. Some times the first deal is harder to put together than any other. Each transaction is going to be different. The home is different. The sellers want something different. You may have to use a lender or you may not. Each deal should be treated as though it were your first. This way you pay close attention to every detail and the risk of making a mistake is lower.

One of the biggest pitfalls in real estate investing is not properly estimating the property. The home you are looking at must be able to yield a profit. It does not matter if the neighborhood is great or that you would love to own that house. It must make sense financially to buy the property. If it is not a sound investment, do not do it. There may be a snag in the deal where the net profit is jeopardized. If this happens, check to make sure you are still going to gain. At any time, you can walk out of the deal should it turn sour. Do not try to salvage a sinking ship. Let someone else do that. Cut your losses before it is too late. Avoiding these common pitfalls when investing in real estate can save you headaches and finances. Remember to set up a marketing plan, know your market, research the property, and bail if the deal goes bad. If you remember these points you should succeed in the real estate investment market.