Community For Those Ready To Live On The Water

by : Tim Stewart

When it comes to the South Carolina coastline, there are two cities that often come to mind for most people. There's Myrtle Beach - an area known for its fun-loving atmosphere, theater and dining options, shopping and family friendly beach vacations - toward the northern end of the coast. Further to the south is Charleston where history and culture are wrapped together in a romantic and beautiful package. However, there's plenty of coastline waiting to be discovered between the two cities, most notable in Georgetown where you will find the RiverHouse community.

RiverHouse, as a community, is founded on a love for the outdoors and a passion for having time out enjoying all that nature has already created and set forth. The Low county area of South Carolina - where RiverHouse is located - is a place where natural beauty has long been a priority. The developers know that it's a remarkably special place - and they have every intention of preserving that. Landscape architects have been brought onto the project as has a firm that's focused on preserving natural resources and maintaining an ecological and environmental balance.

This team, along with land developers and architects are committed to creating a place where the young and the young at heart can live a life that is ripe with imagination. Community lakes are readily available for fishing. Speaking of fishing, there are fishing and crabbing docks available for those who want a chance to catch their own dinner as well as for parents or grandparents who want to be able to spend time with the kids and grandkids for fun and for conversation.

Boat ramps are available for those who aren't content to fish from the shoreline or a dock. And, of course, when you live at RiverHouse you won't be limited to keeping your boat on Turkey Creek; there is access to the Atlantic Ocean from within the gated community. Picnicking on the beach is a great way of spending time with your family, but then, so is sitting around a campfire built in an available outdoor fire pit or sharing a great meal with friends at the River Kitchen, the ultimate gathering spot by the water.

Not everything is about time spent on the water or gathering for meals, however. Landscaped trails are easily accessed for those who want to be able to get out and stay fit with a regular long walk. Gazebos will be available for gathering together, tennis courts, swimming pools, the River Kitchen and even a clubhouse are part of the planned amenities.

Being that RiverHouse and Georgetown are located such a short distance from Charleston and Myrtle Beach, those who love golf should not forget that the area is home to more than one hundred golf courses, many of which were designed by champions of the game - some of which make for a vacation planned years in advance for many golfers.

It's not hard to see why someone would be attracted to the RiverHouse community. With a variety of sites available in deepwater areas, on the lakefront and within wooded lots, along with the wide range of amenities, shouldn't you learn more about RiverHouse?