Living in Fort Bend County

by : Tim Dillard

When looking for a place to relocate, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration. For most people, available employment is often the primary factor. Other components of the decision to move can depend upon income levels, housing availability, good transportation routes (including public transportation), and quality educational, recreational, and social activities.

All of these factors are found in Ft. Bend County. New homes here are an excellent choice for relocation. In addition, the prevalence of carefully planned communities in the County means allowance has been made for green spaces in and surrounding the communities and the availability of plenty of parks and recreational areas for the residents.

New homes are found in many of the major population centers of Fort Bend County. New home builders are constructing custom homes at a record rate according to the community master plans. Areas such as Sugar Land and Pearland are growing very rapidly, yet the area is not being allowed to deteriorate due to poor planning and matchbox construction. At the same time, the prices on these new homes are available at all levels so that new homes are affordable for everyone, from first-time home buyers to executive types who want to be able to entertain large groups in their homes.

Different people have different priorities in choosing a new home, so that one individual may be looking for easy upkeep in a gated community, while another may be looking at enough space to do some hobby landscaping or flower gardening. New homes energy costs are of prime importance. People today are taking forward-thinking steps to conserve dwindling natural resources and to make use of alternative and sustainable energy sources.

Those who buy these new homes can appreciate that housing costs in the area are lower than in most metropolitan areas elsewhere in the nation. In fact, the average new home price for a four-bedroom, two-bath home with double garage is about $25,000 less than that in other urban centers. Cost of living is significantly less here, due in large part to lower taxation rates and to lower food costs. In fact, grocery bills average about 25 percent less than in the other metro areas in the U.S.

Other factors weigh heavily with young families looking. New homes are judged by the number of quality schools available. A good education for the children is of primary importance in community planning as well as in making decisions about housing locations.