Queens Quay Terminal - You May Never Have to Leave the Building!

by : Leaftech

Part of the appeal of condominium living is the proximity of the residents to all of the conveniences of a major city; there is easy access from one's home to all the entertainment, dining, and shopping experiences one could wish for. Well, the Queen's Quay Terminal building in Toronto takes the idea of the convenient condo to a whole new level; residents in the buildings four condominium levels have access to everything they need, right in the building where their units are located! Let's take a look at this unique structure.


As with so many condo conversion projects, the Terminal started out as a Warehouse building, built in the 1920s. The building was one of the first in Toronto to undergo a conversion, transformed into a glittering, glassy structure complete with stores, offices, and residential units all with a view of the waterfront!


Queen's Quay includes several stores, which carry various goods. In all, there are over thirty different retail stores which appeal to a variety of tastes, from specialty perfumes to ladies wears and cutting edge fashions.


The building also includes several different cafes and restaurants, perfect for any tastes. From the casual dining of the food court (which includes favourites such as Tim Horton's) to more formal surroundings, such as that found in the Pumpernickel, any kind of dining experience you could wish for is available.

Feel like a home cooked meal but, surprise; don't want to leave the building? Well, Sobey's grocery store is located just below you; all you have to do is take the elevator down!


Yes, you might even find that you can stay right in your condo complex when it comes to finding work, and that doesn't just limit you to Internet jobs! Queen's Quay Terminal has around 400,000 square feet of office space in the building on nine different levels. In addition, the building incorporates the Premiere Dance Theatre.

So if you are looking for a condo complex that offers shopping, employment opportunities, dining and entertainment as well as a place to live, Queen's Quay Terminal might be just the building for you. Just make sure to tell your family and friends that they won't be seeing you around town much anymore!